KSE Reversi

KSE Reversi 1.1

Play Othello on your Pocket PC


  • Simple control method
  • Four difficulty levels


  • Poor help facilities
  • Boring graphics

Not bad

The game of Reversi (or Othello, as it's often known) is a real board game classic and is up there with the likes of chess and draughts in terms of tactical challenges.

I've never been a huge fan of Reversi, partly because I've never really understood the rules. I felt that KSE Reversi didn't really help with that, because the Help text is poorly written and confusing. What's more, you don't get any in-game hints that suggest possible moves and might help you understand a bit better.

If you are already versed in the game though, you should find KSE Reversi an enjoyable challenge. There are four difficulty levels and the computer opponent has a strong AI, meaning that this one will test all of your powers. You'll have to make do with playing the Pocket PC though, because there's no two player mode in this one.

Graphically, the game isn't particularly impressive. You basically just get a top-down view with green and white playing pieces and there's no way of customizing the game board.

If you're a hardcore Reversi fan then you'll enjoy the simple, no-nonsense control system, but the poor help system and drab presentation may put off newcomers.

Reversi (also known as Othello) is a demanding territory game and since 1950 it has been one of the favourite games with traditional board game players. The rules of Reversi are more straightforward than many other board games. However, easily learned doesn't mean easily played. It's like the old motto, "one minute to learn, but a lifetime to master!"

Just install the free version and there you go! At all times the detailed online help offers you the necessary support, which you need to play the game.

KSE Reversi


KSE Reversi 1.1

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